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RTC Data

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This page contains technical information and specs on various Remote Training Collars, including electrical output data.  Please read all Notes below.

Page 1: E-Collar Technologies Mini-Educator ET-300;

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Page 3:

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Note:  The data presented on pages 1-4 were collected using a Tektronix 4-channel digital phosphor oscilloscope model TDS 3054, 500 MHz, 5 GS/s.  A high-voltage probe was used to collect the electrical output at the remote collar contact points. 

For each collar, various intensity levels were selected for measurement-- you can find the stim intensity levels for each read-out in the upper right hand corner of each image (in white letters).  These images cannot be copied, reproduced, or distributed without prior written consent.



E-Collar Technologies

Mini-Educator ET-300





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